James Butler: How a Military Bomb Disposal Expert can help you find your Purpose

21 Feb James Butler: How a Military Bomb Disposal Expert can help you find your Purpose

Episode 11: James Butler

In this episode I have a personal conversation with the powerful James Butler. James and I met a few months ago and I was immediately struck by his strong, masculine presence. Then I started to speak with him. What I discovered was this deeply loving, caring man with a powerful desire to help people find their true purpose.

In this conversation, James explains how he’s always had these two side to him. On one hand, he was walking around school with a full sleeve tattoo at age 16 and on the other hand there was this deeply sensitive, artistic side. He struggled with a learning disability in school which forced him to excel in arts and physical fitness. These traits led him to believe that the best value he could provide to the world was simply putting his body in harms way. So, he joined the military at the height of the Afghanistan conflict and become one of their most elite soldiers.

After an accident left James as a shadow of his former self, he was forced to question everything he’d believed and truly recreate himself. He developed a new program called Reclaiming Warrior where he helps high-influence executives, rising entrepreneurs, and fast growing visionary companies to achieve their extraordinary projects and realize impossible visions.

WARNING: James’ story will move you and motivate you.

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James’ Website – Reclaiming Warrior | Unleash Your Inner Warrior


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