Khe Hy: Confronting Your Mortality to Live a Better Life

02 May Khe Hy: Confronting Your Mortality to Live a Better Life

Episode 21: Khe Hy

Khe Hy is a writer, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. He was also a Hedge Fund investor at Blackrock. Khe is Quartz’s first Entrepreneur in Residence where he writes about meaning, productivity, and self-discovery and advise on various special projects.

Khe is the creator of RadReads. It is a weekly newsletter and blog read by over 15,000 leaders, investors, academics and change makers. It as a weekly practice of looking within, quieting the mind, and unlocking compassion. RadReads has an engaged IRL community, with monthly meet-ups in New York City and has already began expanding into SF and London.

Last year, his work was picked by a few major outlets, notably Bloomberg (The Wall Street Guru) and CNN (The Oprah for the Millennials). RadReads has expanded to include keynotes, executive coaching, and writing, primarily for Quartz.

Also, Khe had spoken at Northwestern Mutual, Knight Capital, IEX, and Yale University and also gave a TEDx talk in London.


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