The Limitless Entrepreneur Adventure Series

The Limitless Entrepreneur Adventure Series

Imagine spending a week with a group of game changing entrepreneurs on an epic adventure somewhere around the world. To not just disconnect from your business and refocus, but to be in community with other game changing entrepreneurs.


When Derick Deal and I originally came up with the idea for the LEAS, we wanted to give you more that just a fun holiday. We wanted to combine transformative personal work, deep connection with people on a similar journey and lots of adventure and exploration, all in one trip.


I think we’ve succeeded.


This isn’t for the faint hearted. Our goal is to provide you with a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that will expand the possibilities for yourself and your business.


We take our work seriously. An explosion in the coaching and online marketing industries has meant that it’s hard to know who to trust any more. As someone that had the lives of 220 passengers and crew in his hands every day, I know a thing or two about trust. Believe me when I say that Derick and I have committed our lives to serving entrepreneurs in new and innovative ways.


We believe that entrepreneurship is the future. The people who will be leading the new world and shaping our culture in the future will be entrepreneurs and we wanted to find a way to support those people, to help them grow, to help them thrive, to give them all the support, help, tools, community necessary in order for them to help change people and the planet.

That’s what our specialty is. Being the trusted advisors to the game changers, to be the one they turn to when it all seems too much, to be the one that is constantly there behind them telling them that things are going to work out, it’s going to be okay, and giving them the tools they need to stay on track because we have such a profound belief in the impact that entrepreneurs can make. We are the ones that, when the entrepreneur needs to grow, as all entrepreneurs inevitably do, can facilitate that growth through experiences, through deep coaching, through challenges to help that entrepreneur continue to rise and expand as his business and his mission rises and expands with him.

One of the core ways that we do this is through experiences. It’s become a popular belief that in order to succeed in business, you must hustle. That you must sacrifice many parts of your life in order to be successful in business. We hear things like the art of the hustle, and for a young mid twenties male, that concept might be exciting. But for many different types of entrepreneurs, maybe it’s a woman with two kids at home that doesn’t want to sacrifice her family, or maybe it’s a guy that has gone into business late in life and doesn’t have any energy to hustle all day every day in pursuit of business success. We believe there’s a better way, and we believe not only does hustling have to be the way, but a lot of times it can work against what we’re trying to achieve. As I said, we’re there to support entrepreneurs to thrive, and sometimes hustling can end up maybe with short term success, but without a long term sustainable system.

One more way we foster our entrepreneurs in our community is through adventures. Taking the entrepreneur out of their daily life, removing them from the onslaught of decisions, financial problems, team problems, building new systems, competition from the market. We have a firm belief that taking the entrepreneur out of that environment and taking them somewhere completely different, can catalyse new ideas to flourish.

It really gives the entrepreneur five things.

  1. Time away from their business to contemplate, to reflect, and to refresh.
  2. The opportunity to network and communicate with other entrepreneurs that may be going through the same thing. One thing that happens as you get really busy as an entrepreneur is you start to drop off old friendships and people that you used to hang out with. We like to introduce this idea of friendship and collaboration and community back into an entrepreneur’s life, so networking and connection.
  3. Personal growth. Whenever we take an entrepreneur on an adventure with a group of other people, we want to find ways that we can help that individual entrepreneur grow in the areas that they most need growth, whether that’s leadership training, whether that’s grit and perseverance, whether it’s communication, or whether it’s something at home like development deeper love and connection with their partner and their children. Nothing’s off the table. Focus on personal growth.
  4. Business growth. We find ways that we can help stimulate new ideas and new creativity so that the entrepreneur gets ways to grow their business that wouldn’t come to them sitting behind a desk or around a board room table.
  5. We give the entrepreneur a vacation. A vacation that involves adventure, so we take them to …

About your coaches

Derick Deal

Derick is currently based in the Washington D.C. area and in addition to his one-on-one coaching practice, leads seminars, workshops, & powerful experiences to model Darwinian Fitness. His approach centers on creating arenas for the cultivation of mindsets, skillsets, & adaptations across the areas of mental fitness, social fitness, & emotional fitness. These mental, social, and emotional arenas are layered on top of a deep re-connection and respect for the physical body. As such, the Darwinian fitness model approaches Physical fitness through helping people rediscover the wisdom of their bodies, the joy of movement, & vibrant sense of living in-tune with one’s own body.


Nathan Seaward

After a successful career as an airline pilot, Nathan became a professional coach and is trusted by entrepreneur all over the world to help guide them through their business journey. Nathan focus is helping entrepreneurs create game changing ideas the help people and the planet in new and innovative ways.





Greek Sailing Adventure

August 11th-18th 2018