Tom Fitzsimons: How a 3000 mile run from San Francisco to New York saved him from a life of Violence, Anger and Alcoholism

01 Mar Tom Fitzsimons: How a 3000 mile run from San Francisco to New York saved him from a life of Violence, Anger and Alcoholism

Episode 12: Tom Fitzsimons

In this episode I have a personal conversation with the powerful Tom Fitzsimons. This is the first time Tom and I have ever spoken and I was enthralled from the first word. Tom’s is a wonderful story teller and his ability to succinctly tell stories from his life made this conversation so enjoyable.

In this conversation, Tom details the challenges of growing up at the height of the sectarian violence of Northern Ireland in the 1970’s. His story are equally shocking and moving. Understandably, hatred and racism were installed in him at a young age and it expressed as anger and violence throughout his early life. After moving to England in 1986, Tom’s story was further filled with tragedy when his father passed away leaving him as the man of the house at age 13. Tom turned to alcohol to feel better and has battled with an alcohol addiction for most of his life.

Having gained sobriety in 2007, Tom developed a keen interest in distance running and in April 2010 completed the Marathon des Sables, running 250km through the Sahara desert. Then, over the summer of 2013 Tom made an epic journey running across the USA coast to coast from San Francisco to New York. He travelled over 3000 miles in 100 days.  He started ‘Run4Sobriety’ on 20th May and completed it on Coney Island, New York on 27th August 2013, the anniversary of his 6th Year of Sobriety.

Tom is now an international inspirational speaker who has shared his story with schools, business and sports teams across Europe.  Tom also works as a personal trainer, coach and mentor to athletes and business leaders in the UK. Having been on a journey of recovery for almost a decade, Tom has also built a reputation for being a “no excuses” addiction coach.  Tom has created a formula that will allow his clients to be challenged about their past, put in charge of their present and reconnected to their future.

WARNING: Tom’s story contains emotional stories of violence and recovery from alcohol addiction.

Show references

Tom’s personal website –

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Tom’s Book – It’s Not About the Beard


  • Nathan Seaward

    Let me know your thoughts, here 🙂

    • Holly Schnaubelt Couch

      Well you know this one hit home, and I’m passing this episode along as well as Tom’s website. WOW! This has been my favorite episode so far. He is the real deal, so honest, raw, wide open and so so powerful. I felt inspired, connected, and so alive listening to Tom speak.
      Parts of this interview literally took my breath away. I’d love to know how you met him or came across his information.