Bay LeBlanc Quiney: Living a life of magic and possibility

Bay LeBlanc Quiney: Living a life of magic and possibility


Episode 90: Bay LeBlanc Quiney

This week on the show, Bay LeBlanc Quiney joins me to talk about her family history, why she became a police officer and why she didn’t continue, building relationships, and suspending disbelief.

I also shared how tough these couple of days but have felt the support from people around me. I also talked about how we can have an extraordinary life but can still feel not being good enough.

Bay and I discuss:

  • Finding out her family history and how it impacts her
  • Fascination and understanding of where you come from
  • How her experience with moving when she was young had an impact on her playing safe and looking for stability
  • The reasons she became a police officer
  • How events during her childhood influenced her to become a police officer
  • Reasons she did not stay as a police officer
  • How her experience as a police officer for a short period of time changed her perspectives
  • Realising that as a coach, she is doing the same work as a police officer but the difference is that the clients she serves as a coach do want change and help
  • How children relate to police officers
  • Bay’s relationship with her family
  • Sometimes, the best way to be in family is to be away or have some space away from family
  • Creating a relationship with her father who she did not grow up with
  • Value of creating space, finding yourself and finding your own truth and then rebuilding relationships slowly and intentionally
  • Having the belief that it is her job to make people happy
  • What her company called Wonderland & Co. is all about
  • To dream bigger and start creating
  • Magic is when somebody steps into owning their leadership

More about Bay

Bay’s brand of executive leadership coaching combines radical honesty and leadership acumen with a hefty dash of magic and possibility. Her company, Wonderland & Company, supports high-achieving driven leaders to create the impossible, and enjoy the ride, all at the same time.

A firm believer in “why not”, Bay’s own background includes professional dance and theatre training, an MBA in service management, and working as an RCMP officer, to name just a few of her adventures. She’s writing a book about being driven, because she knows firsthand what life is like for people who feel like life is never enough to meet their unquenchable desire.

Bay lives in beautiful Victoria, with her brilliant husband and business partner, Adam, and their matching cat and dog, Hermes and Grimby.

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