Brad Sugars: Insider secrets from the world’s leading business coach

Brad Sugars: Insider secrets from the world’s leading business coach


Episode 83: Brad Sugars

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This week on the show, Brad Sugars of ActionCOACH joins me as we talk about his new book – Pulling Profits Out of a Hat, business growth and business coaching.

We have 1 spot left for our Peru adventure on July 29th so if you’re interested, feel free to drop me a message.

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Brad and I discuss:

  • How at a young age Bradley got into entrepreneurship and started doing business
  • Reading books like Billionaire in Training at a young age changes your direction in life
  • Everyone can be an entrepreneur and not necessarily born with it
  • Wealth is a magnifier.
  • Money allows you the time and freedom to do the things that make you happy
  • Learn, earn and return is basically the way money works.
  • The more money you have, the more impact you can make.
  • Wealth is not the goal. What you can do with your wealth is the goal.
  • Building a business and not a job for yourself
  • The goal of ActionCoach is world abundance through business re-education.
  • Business coaching is successful because we make sure the owners are hold accountable to growth.
  • The point of leverage is to do the work once and get paid forever.
  • The challenge in making a leap into a business is to learn and gain knowledge.
  • Making excitement win against fear
  • On growing the business
  • What he is looking for a business
  • The definition of success in his book
  • As a CEO, your biggest and most important job is recruiting.
  • The vision of a company has to inspire people and enroll.
  • Business should serve life rather than life serving business.
  • The moment you stop learning the business stops growing.
  • Learning how to make money and managing your money
  • About his new book, “Pulling Profits Out of a Hat”

More about Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars came from humble beginnings but has built a life and a business that many would cite as the very definition of success. Sugars, a self-made multi-millionaire, is the founder of the global business coaching franchise ActionCOACH™, an international business speaker, author, and entrepreneur.

Sugars has written 17 business books, the “Instant Success” series, which were originally self-published. In 2006, when McGraw Hill bought the international publishing rights to the series, it was the largest multi-business book deal involving a single author.

His ActionCOACH™ team works with tens of thousands of business owners in more than 60 countries with his simple yet powerful business growth techniques every day. Professionally, nobody has created a bigger impact in Sugars’ life than Jim Rohn. As a teen, he scrimped and saved his allowance in order to afford tickets to a Rohn seminar, and despite being the youngest person in the audience, what he learned there has informed his own business practices and philosophies on life.

Sugars has a dynamic stage presence and enjoys motivating and educating other business owners through his online content (videos, podcasts), books and real-world interactions such as classes, seminars, and speaking engagements. His straight-forward Aussie style has branded him as a leader that will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear–and for more than two decades, millions of people worldwide have been listening.

Sugars is equally as passionate about his family as he is about business. A husband and father of five, Sugars and his wife are survivors of the Route 91 tragedy which affected the lives of thousands in Las Vegas during a country music festival in 2017. His young daughter, Riley Brown Sugars, is the youngest survivor of the attack and has been featured in multiple media stories.

Brad has a new book with co-author Monte Wyatt “Pulling Profits Out of a Hat.”

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