Simon Crowe: Learning the art of human connection from the villagers of rural Liberia

Simon Crowe: Learning the art of human connection from the villagers of rural Liberia

Episode 9: Simon Crowe 

In this episode, we’re live and unedited from Liberia, West Africa where I have a personal conversation with the powerful Simon Crowe!

Simon is a beautiful human who brings groups of people to Liberia to help them understand themselves at a deeper level and reconnect with their humanity. He first visited Liberia in 2014 where he fell in love with the beautiful lush rainforests and the wonderful smiles and welcomes from the local Liberians. Liberia has been struggling to recover from a long civil war leaving it as one of the poorest nations in the world and also one of the most corrupt. More recently, the country was hit hard by the Ebola crisis.

I was lucky to be led by Simon over the last 10 days as we explored rural villages and met hundreds of beautiful people that are desperate for all the things that we take for granted. Clean water, showers, electricity, regular meals and even love and connection. We also met inspiring leaders that want to change the face of Liberia and see it prosper for future generations. I’m so grateful to Simon for brining me here. He helped me see that I had a real fear of connecting with people and has guided me to open my heart and connect with strangers on a level I never thought possible. This is truly a remarkable man and I’m so excited to have him on the show.

In this episode we talk deeply about Simon’s passion and love for Liberia, his desire to build a school in one of the communities here and some of the challenges and conflicts that come from being in a place such as this.

Show references:

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More than Me Academy – More Than Me – Empowering Girls & Social Change In Liberia

Simon’s website – Simon Crowe | Coaching Success

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