Charlie Hoehn: Struggling with Anxiety? Play it Away

Charlie Hoehn: Struggling with Anxiety? Play it Away

Episode 63: Charlie Hoehn

This week on the show, Charlie Hoehn joins me to discuss how he overcame severe anxiety, what he learned working with Tim Ferriss and his favourite places in New Zealand!

More about Charlie

Charlie is the Head of Video for Book In A Box. He is also an author, marketer, and speaker renowned for the following:

  • Self-published Play It Away and Recession-Proof Graduate
  • Raised $36,000 for Play for a Living on Kickstarter
  • Created Land a Job You Love course with 600 students
  • Created The 10-Day Anxiety Fix course with 12,000 subscribers
  • #1 Google search result worldwide for “cure anxiety”
  • 10 years of marketing strategy for thought leaders — over 100 authors advised
  • Three years working full-time with Tim Ferriss as his Director of Special Projects
  • Edited and launched The 4-Hour Body, #1 New York Times and #1 Amazon bestseller
  • Director and marketing strategist for App Empire, with a $2.6 million launch week

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