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“I have worked with Nathan for a year and my life has changed in such a profound way, it’s actually beyond words. I’ll have a go anyway: Imagine an insecure, withdrawn girl. Even though functioning on the surface, she carries this hidden social anxiety and a deep conviction of “somehow being stigmatized” with her. She somehow senses she’s got a huge lot of potential, but she doesn’t find a way to access it. Even though her life seems nice and smooth at first glance, she’s stressed out most of the time, unhappy, and so very stuck!! All she’s got is this huge drive and desire to make a vague dream come true. This is how she gets to know and starts to work with Nathan. You might not fully recognize her when you meet her a year later. She’s grown into a powerful woman. She creates the life she wants to live on a daily basis. She lives her potential. She dares to be uncomfortable, vulnerable and showing up because she knows deep inside that she’s okay. She knows she’s brilliant and she makes use of it, not shying away from outshining others any longer. She’s courageous enough to slow down and see what comes up. Spontaneity and surrender have become her friends. She has grown to love herself, which doesn’t only mean she dares to fuck up and be very human, but she also has something invaluable to pass on to other human beings. Thank you, Nathan.”