David Alport: The Power of Intentional Travel

David Alport: The Power of Intentional Travel

Episode 61: David Alport

This week on the show, David Alport joined me to share his love for New York City and its diversity, his personal story of coming out and his mission of helping travelers realize their intention when they travel.

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David and I discuss:

  • The difficulty he experienced coming out in his early 20s (when it was not easy to be young and gay)
  • The longer you’ve known somebody, the harder it was to come out to them
  • How he fell in love with New York and its diversity
  • What New York City is like in terms of community and opportunity for social gatherings
  • Expressing one’s self in different ways
  • The impact of the AIDS crisis in the 80s to the gay community
  • Finding a career that would fulfill his passion for entertainment and travel
  • How they quit their jobs and started a travel publication for the gay and lesbian market
  • How he moved into the coaching business where he harnessed the transformative power of travel
  • The difference between intention and goal
  • The advantage of bringing intentionality into travel

More about David

David Alport is a travel entrepreneur, a life coach, and an expert on the superpower of intention.

David spent 20 years in the travel industry. First, he managed airline and cruise industry relations for American Express. In 1992, David created Out & About, a breakthrough travel content business for LGBT travelers which included a monthly subscription journal, a guidebook series and a website. After reaching more than 100,000 travelers with this opinionated and entertaining content, David sold Out & About to PlanetOut.com during the first dot.com boom.

Intentional Traveler is David’s latest creation. Its mission is to help travelers realize the personal and relationship growth they seek when they travel. Intentional Travelerserves travelers by helping them get clear on what they want to have (and feel) at the end of their travels. The cornerstone of the business is that when we understand our travel intentions, share them with our travel companions, and keep them top of mind while traveling, everything becomes possible!

Intentional Traveler launches its first product in Fall 2018: An hour-long travel coaching experience for families, couples, groups and solo travelers. At the end of the 60-minute session, travelers will have an elevated sense of purpose for their travels and will be given an Intentional Travel Portfolio to help them keep their awareness in the right place throughout their journey.

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