David Taylor: Who Am I? The Question That Will Change Your Life

David Taylor: Who Am I? The Question That Will Change Your Life

Episode 30: David Taylor


One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is, ‘Who am I?’.

It is, perhaps, the only question that counts. This is the thought David shared with me when I asked him for a bio.

So, who is David Taylor?

David Taylor is a coach who works with people through conversation to create powerful, personal transformations. He notices subtle and ordinary shifts that when acted on can create extraordinary transformations.

David is a film maker and over recent years, he has deepened his work using film and developing the Stillness Process to enable people to be truly seen in their raw, authentic vulnerability. The camera becoming a magnifier to tender love stories of the soul, sometimes to powerfully cathartic revelations. All of the experiences create profound possibilities of transformation.

David is a father of two young boys who are creating their own identity and mark on the world. So diverse in their character and interests and yet bounded by a common love of each other and the family. He is a husband of twenty four years to Truda. Another journey of ups and downs, of failing and learning. A relationship where the whole day can light up with a simple smile or a kind touch.

David is the co-founder of an eight-figure business and is constantly learning what it takes to create sustainable success. Again it is in the ordinary, overlooked, day to day detail. He has built up his own consultancy that grew to seven figures before choosing to focus purely on transformational coaching and making films.

These are all aspects of things David does and yet none of them truly define who he is.

David is passionate in his work of enabling others to be profoundly seen. To pursue this question of, “Who am I?”. To open a window into the essence of their being. A window that can create powerful transformation, and the ripples of awareness and permission never end.

Of course, It is never about the camera.

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