Derick Deal: How to Adapt and Thrive in Our Rapidly Changing World

Derick Deal

Derick Deal: How to Adapt and Thrive in Our Rapidly Changing World

Episode 45: Derick Deal

Derick Deal is the owner of Darwinian Fitness and a transformational coach. Prior to running his own practice, Derick was on the coaching team for Precision Nutrition – the industry leader in high-performance nutrition. Derick has also co-owned a strength & conditioning training center in addition to having consulted for various businesses and government organizations on how to lead a healthy, happy, & balanced lifestyle. Derick’s clients include c-suite executives, Olympians, academics, & high-functioning professionals. At heart, Derick is an adventurer, spiritual seeker, & philosopher – earning his degree in philosophy from the University of Virginia.

Derick is also a thought-leader within the fitness industry. Darwinian fitness starts with the premise that most individuals – and traditional fitness industry establishments (from Yoga to Crossfit) – don’t properly define what fitness is. What does a successful fitness approach look like? How should we approach fitness activities from the perspective that as human beings, we depend on mental, emotional, & social skills as much as physical ones? As Darwin observed, Fitness in a species is its ability to adapt and thrive in response to the environment it finds itself in. Disruptive technologies, social media, & globalization are just some of the forces that make for a rapidly changing environment. Given this, how is our approach to self-development and self-care keeping up with making us more resilient, healthy, & adaptable to an ever-changing environment? Shouldn’t the process by which we enhance our ability to adapt and thrive in such an environment be at the core of what it means to be fit?

Derick is currently based in the Washington D.C. area and in addition to his one-on-one coaching practice, leads seminars, workshops, & powerful experiences to model Darwinian Fitness. His approach centers on creating arenas for the cultivation of mindsets, skillsets, & adaptations across the areas of mental fitness, social fitness, & emotional fitness. These mental, social, and emotional arenas are layered on top of a deep re-connection and respect for the physical body. As such, the Darwinian fitness model approaches Physical fitness through helping people rediscover the wisdom of their bodies, the joy of movement, & vibrant sense of living in-tune with one’s own body.

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