How To Beat The Morning Blues And Turbocharge Your Success!

How To Beat The Morning Blues And Turbocharge Your Success!

Every day, I wake up to a dry throat that is red and sore. My eyes have this kind of puffiness and swelling around them that hurts a little bit. I rarely feel well rested and I’m generally resentful of the fact that I have woken up. If you could see me in the morning, you would laugh at the pathetic state of me. The funny thing is, I’m as close to “living my dream” as I can possibly be. Yet everyday I wake up looking and feeling miserable and unmotivated. I’ve had to find a way to get myself charged up to powerfully attack the day, remind myself of my purpose and just be grateful for what I have. I do that through my morning routine which is carefully crafted for just that purpose. It’s something that is non-negotiable for me regardless of where I am.

I had always been under the impression that when I found my true passion and purpose in life, things would somehow get easier. I would wake up bursting with energy and leap out of bed excited to greet the day. While that may be true for other people, it’s just not my reality. And i’m kind of ok with that! It just means that it’s my responsibility to get myself up and into the right headspace every morning. If I don’t do that, I run out the door feeling scrambled and disorganised and ultimately don’t get to experience life fully. That’s where the morning routine comes in.

Tony Robbins calls it the Hour of Power. That first hour of every day which sets you up powerfully for the rest. To give you an example, Tony starts every day by plunging into a pool of ice cold water to immediately change his state! Phil Drolet from The Feel Good Lifestyle puts it well – “Every time you do something that gets you excited and motivated in the morning, that’s a +1. A big glass of water in the morning – that’s a +1. Some yoga in the morning, +1. My goal becomes to get as many +1’s as possible so I can walk out the door at a +10 to +15”. Personally, I used to get up and chuck on whatever clothes were clean, grab a coffee and a muffin and hit the road. It put me at about -4 on Phil’s scale.

My morning routine now looks like this: I wake up feeling like death. I have a big glass of water which kind of clears my throat and somehow helps my eyes to open. +1. I drag myself into the bathroom. I run the shower on full cold and stare at the arctic spray for two minutes before getting the courage to get in. The instant the cold water hits my face I start to come alive. +1. I stay in the cold shower until I feel like it’s made enough of a difference. I brush my teeth then go back to bed for my mediation. I prefer a guided mediation for about 25 minutes. I make sure it’s full of gratitude which propels me into the right head space more than anything. +1. I take my multivitamins. +1. I spend a few minutes journalling to clear any thoughts out of my head. +1. Then I write at least 300 words to improve my writing skills. +1. Now, i’m ready to hit the day. In it’s most efficient form, this morning routine takes me about 75 minutes and i’ve done some version of it everyday for six months. It works.

I’m blessed to have an awesome life. I get to explore unique parts of the world for both work and play, i’m always meeting quirky, inspiring people and sometimes I get to fly planes. I love it. But it’s still takes me a concerted effort every day to make sure i’m in the zone mentally, grateful for everything I have and ultimately ensure i’m making the most of every moment of this precious, one life. My morning routine has become a non-negotiable because I know how important it is, what a huge impact it has on my day and that if I don’t do it, life just doesn’t work for me.

Action steps

How’s your morning routine? Can you improve it? Is it a non-negotiable for you or just something you do when you have time? Here is a list of things you could add to your routine to make it more effective. Some might be more realistic than others but I want to get you thinking about what small things you could do every morning to get yourself in the right headspace. Good luck!:

1. Large glass of water on waking

2. Some yoga stretching poses

3. 5 minute exercise routine – (30 x Push-ups, 30 x Squats, 30 x burpees, 30 x sit ups)

4. Journalling

5. Write one email to an old friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while.

6. Meditation

7. Drinking Green Tea

8. Making a high protein breakfast

9. Cold shower or swim

10. 15 minutes of artistic creation – Painting, music, writing.