Improv comedy, starting before you’re ready and Labradors

Improv comedy, starting before you’re ready and Labradors



Episode 78: A solo episode from New York!

On this week’s show, I shared some updates on my stay here in New York and things I’ve done lately.

In this episode, I also address these audience questions:

🤣 My experience with Improv comedy (From Paul McLoughlin)

🤓 Relearning something that I thought I’d mastered (From Julio Gaggia)

🛫 How do I find ground when I choose to live a more adventurous / risky appearing life? (From Mark J. Silverman)

🐶 How much do I like dogs? (From Henry Johnstone)

⏰ Why do we define things by time? Best friend? Love? Etc (From Naomi Bleecker Damask)

💡 The idea of starting the thing before it’s perfect or the way forward is clear (the architect/pilot analogy we talked about) – more specifically getting through the fear in relation to that. I’d love to hear your experiences/stories of this process. (from Jo Hodson)

🗣 I’m curious your advice on reframing feedback. How do you coach a team or person who tends to take feedback as a personal critique, even when delivered with sensitivity and care, rather than a chance to grow and develop? (From Sam Johnson)

💤 Sometimes it’s just tiring . It’s relentless. You are doing it ‘ right ‘ including your attitude , but it all goes wrong , again …. time to rethink approach? (From Annelise Pesa)


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