John Henderson: Surviving Jail to becoming a Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur

John Henderson: Surviving Jail to becoming a Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur


Episode 92: John Henderson

This week on the show, John Henderson joins me to talk about the impact of positive comment in somebody’s life, his story about being in jail, and his book, SWAY.

I also shared about committing to get up at 4 a.m. everyday for all of September.

John and I discuss:

  • Did poorly in school because he didn’t fit and think in the structured manner the school wanted
  • Turning his life around and realising that he is the result of the choices he has made
  • How everybody in jail thinks they are innocent while successful people he knows think they are guilty
  • How kids are taught to be generalists when the world rewards specialists
  • The problem is with the way you are measuring what is and isn’t intelligence
  • How one positive comment can change somebody’s whole life
  • Finding who to be loyal to and who not to be loyal to is important
  • Difference made by caring and empathy versus strict humiliation and discipline
  • John’s story of being in jail under “Americas toughest sheriff”
  • Success doesn’t happen without the work
  • Influence is anytime somebody considers another person or an activity prior to making decision
  • About his new book SWAY: The Link Between Autism and Influence

More about John

John Henderson is a speaker, top 10 Amazon bestselling author, and occasional blogger. He went from homeless, high school dropout to author and owner of a multi million dollar business.

He is probably the only guy you know who rode to work every day on a rope, attached to the bottom of a helicopter for six months, in Hawaii. He has spoken all across the country, but you can connect with John at the following places.

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