John P Morgan: Adventure is Stepping Into the Unknown

John P Morgan: Adventure is Stepping Into the Unknown

Episode 59: John P Morgan

This week on the show, John P Morgan joined me to share why he is “The happiest guy I know” and what being happy means to him. He also described what an adventure is. I also want to announce that I am going to spend the month of July in New York and if you want to spend a one day intensive with me between July 4th and July 23rd, just drop me a message and we can work on your business ideas, creative ideas, and so on.

John P and I discuss:

  • What “being happy” means to him
  • Declaring that he is the happiest guy is both a description and a active creation
  • Embracing the power of cognitive dissonance
  • Going on a journey and taking risks
  • Adventure is going into the unknown
  • Increasing your capacity for happiness

More about John P

John P Morgan is not your typical ‘success’ coach.

His work is not just about results. But results are inevitable when you work with him.

Since as long as he can remember, he has always loved to take things apart and put them back together. He loved it so much that he began doing it with his own life and mind—taking apart his thoughts and rebuilding them to fit how he wanted to be in the world.

He has lived many lives. His journey has taken him through Math and Physics, a real estate business, a web media company, and many adventures including working while traveling the world for years on end before the term ‘digital nomad’ even existed.

Along the way, he has had many incredible teachers—his parents, amazing business mentors, and many of the worlds most sought after spiritual leaders and coaches. All of these people have taught him not only with their advice but also through how they are in the world.

Today, he lives with his wife and son in Santa Monica where he helps people from around the world to become the people they were meant to be—to express their power and love and live their truth and to create success both materially and spiritually.

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