Kaleb Bollen: A Revolutionary New Approach to Freeing Men from Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Kaleb Bollen: A Revolutionary New Approach to Freeing Men from Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Episode 29: Kaleb Bollen

Content warning: This episode contains discussions of mental health and suicide.

Kaleb Bollen is a thought leader and visionary in personal transformation and intimate relationships. He inspires and teaches those who are stuck with patterns in life and love. He teaches them how to break negative cycles, connect deeply with who they truly are and be their fullest, most uninhibited, confident expression of themselves.

Battling through an emotionally and physically abusive upbringing, Kaleb began questioning the standard solutions for personal freedom. With an insatiable thirst to find the truth of what causes transformation and connects us to love, he pushed the boundaries of fear and intimate relationships to the extreme! Kaleb has now re-engineered the path he uncovered from overcoming his crippling anxiety and self hate to discovering deep love. He is now sharing it with the world so that others don’t have to take the long, painful road that not only hurts them but others along the way.

After he quit his job and dropped everything in order to bring his profoundly new way of thinking about relationships and personal freedom to the world, his mission was initially to set 10,000 hearts free that have been struggling like he had. But now, alongside the founder of the Institute Of Women International and Global Transformatrix®, Marylin Schemer, his new mission is 10 MILLION hearts set free.

Where to get help:
If you need to talk, here is a list of all the available helplines for your country.
If it is an emergency and you feel like you or someone else is at risk, call your local emergency number.
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