Ketan Makwana: From Redundancy to Advising World Leaders

Ketan Makwana: From Redundancy to Advising World Leaders


Episode 85: Ketan Makwana

This week on the show, Ketan Makwana joins me to talk about his entrepreneurial journey, losing his job, mindsets, innovations, and disruptions.

Ketan and I discuss:

  • How Ketan got into business
  • On becoming one of the victims of the economic crash and how it turned his life upside down
  • On the mindset that there are more than one answer to any question
  • On moving from employment to self-employment then into business
  • Losing a job and starting a business can both create a lot of stress
  • When running a business, you are responsible for creating a system
  • Entrepreneurship is not about business, or a way of life or way of thinking
  • Creating your system within a system
  • Huge societal expectation around education
  • Whatever you are doing in life, don’t look at your destination, look at what you’re doing
  • Starting a business is both exciting and terrifying
  • Advice on starting a business:
    • Understand how to be honest with yourself
    • Know and realize when it’s a trap, mistake, or error in your judgment
    • Ask for help
  • You have to feel the vibration of every activity you do
  • Learning what you did to manoeuvre your failures and how you’re going to manoeuvre moving forward
  • Working smart rather than working hard
  • On being a special advisor to the Prime Minister on Youth Policy
  • We all have a genius within us

More about Ketan

Ketan is a renowned international and TEDx Speaker, serial entrepreneur, and mentor. He has started, scaled, and sold multiple businesses in the last 7 years.

In a response to the emerging skills gap between education and employment and enterprise, Ketan launched Enterprise Lab which has evolved into a disruptive agency supporting mindset, attitude, and behaviour development serving over 100,000 people a year across the world.

In 2012, Ketan founded and delivered Youth Enterprise Live backed by the Prime Minister and the UK’s largest event focused on education, employment, and enterprise for 15 to 30-year-olds. He also took a position as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Youth Policy.

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