Lian Brook-Tyler: Learning to Follow your Soul

Lian Brook-Tyler: Learning to Follow your Soul


Episode 98: Lian Brook-Tyler

This week on the show, Lian Brook-Tyler joins me to talk about the sudden passing of her father and how that shifted her whole perspective on life, the role of the soul (and why you shouldn’t overthink it!), and Lian’s number one tip for leaving your career and starting a successful business.

Lian and I discuss:

  • How the sudden passing of Lian’s father shifted her perspective on life
  • How she started writing a blog to cope with the real life stuff going on
  • Discovering the three principles and how her chronic facial pain suddenly disappeared
  • Leaving her job and starting coaching
  • Difference between teaching and coaching
  • On being okay with just who you are
  • A strong sense of helping to birth what’s inside within each of us
  • Mentoring, coaching, and teaching
  • Having the wisdom to know what somebody needs at the moment
  • Empowering and living into your belief
  • The role of soul
  • On leaving your career and starting a successful business

More about Lian

Lian is a podcast host, Embodied Leadership Coach, and co-founder of the movement Primal Happiness, and despite the Chinese spelling of her name, she’s as English as Mary Poppins.

After working for many years as a leader in the corporate world, Lian’s journey truly began the day she unexpectedly recovered from 15 years of chronic pain and anxiety. That transformation led her to immerse herself in discovering what creates pain and struggle, and conversely, what paves the way to a life jam-packed with meaning and happiness.

Her work with Primal Happiness is dedicated to sharing how we can all reclaim our primal state of happiness: she guides women through Waking The Wild Feminine via her women’s circles, and her Embodied Leadership and Partnership work is focused on guiding Kings and Queens on their own hero’s or heroine’s journey to discover their unique gifts and to embody and express their true nature.

Lian lives in a 400-year-old English country cottage with her husband, two self-described ‘wild children’, and an array of ginger rescue animals.

Lian’s dream is a world of wild souls set free to work their magic here.

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