Marc Mawhinney: Bouncing Back from Adversity

Marc Mawhinney: Bouncing Back from Adversity

Episode 37: Marc Mawhinney

After a decade of success in real estate, Marc Mawhinney went through business closure and challenges that would have caused most to give up.

How did he get back on track?

With the help of coaches!

After years of being a lone wolf and being proud of “going it alone,” he experienced the power of coaching first-hand, and it really made a difference. So when he was ready to go back into business, he knew that he wanted to be a coach. He wanted to help others like he’d been helped.

He dove in and became a coach, and discovered what every new coach learns when he gets into this business … it’s not easy! So when he finally got it rolling, he knew that he didn’t want other coaches to go through the same growing pains that he did.

So, Marc launched “Natural Born Coaches,”, a podcast to help coaches with their businesses. He has completed 500 episodes of the podcast over the last few years and talked with well over 1000 coaches every year (on-air and off-air).

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