Mark Usher: Finding the God Within You

Mark Usher

Mark Usher: Finding the God Within You

Episode 35: Mark Usher

Mark Usher has emerged through porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, self-harm, depression, anxious breakdowns, suicidal impulses, suffocating low self-esteem in intimate relationships, a “Change or Lose Your Family” marital ultimatum on the long and intense road to now living life on his terms while becoming a life coach for men.

Along the way he ran an equestrian centre and olive farm with his wife, tried and failed to set up a B&B in Italy, moved country, decided to never work another day as a chartered physiotherapist one week after making the most money in three years of business, decided to home-school his children, before eventually realizing his life’s calling is coaching.

He now fearlessly coaches guys with great intentions of creating miraculously big impacts in their lives, relationships and their life mission.

Mark believes that allowing ourselves as men to accept that “self-praise is the highest praise” is fundamental to being able to love ourselves fearlessly and therefore to love all others also. He passionately holds that giving ourselves permission to form heroic and unlimited identities of our selves NOW is crucial to ultimately living and dying without regret.

He bases his whole turnaround on making three things his priority number one in life; his own spiritual alignment, his family/tribe’s happiness and his life’s mission. He challenges himself and clients to achieve perfect alignment between these three with no compromise of the other.

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