Marshal Gillen: From attempted suicide to Multi 6 figures

Marshal Gillen: From attempted suicide to Multi 6 figures


Episode 87: Marshal Gillen

This week on the show, Marshal Gillen joins me to talk about leaving an impact on people’s lives, on how his life changes everyday, feeling good about yourself and learning to love yourself.

Marshal and I discuss:

  • How one person can have a tremendous impact on other people’s lives
  • Making an impact by leaving blueprints of yourself and a message to remember
  • Finding the emotion that creates the inspired action that creates the results
  • Learning as fast as he can about the things he wants to learn about
  • Setting an intention every single morning to have his life change and waking up creating space and allowing more energy
  • What happens to consciousness when we die
  • Listening to how you feel and being attuned to who you are
  • Being able to give another person some knowledge or experience to be able to free themselves
  • Going through burnout and pushing one’s self excessively
  • How men can step up and create a space where one can honestly open up with what one is feeling
  • How we limit how much happiness we allow ourselves to experience and finding ways to sabotage ourselves as soon as we exceed the limit
  • Choosing how you want to lead and the type of leader you want to be
  • Letting people understand that it is okay to get in touch with their feelings
  • When we are feeling and connecting then we can raise consciousness at a global level
  • On learning about self-love and feeling good about one’s self
  • Fear is just a made up story you keep telling yourself
  • On surrounding yourself with people that believe in you
  • The past is gone and the future is not real. The future is never going to be tomorrow, it is always right now

More about Marshal

Marshal Gillen is an inspirational speaker, lifestyle entrepreneur and author based out of San Diego. Marshal transforms lives through storytelling and throwing epic personal development parties.

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