Mike Matthews: What he’s learnt on his difficult journey into manhood

Mike Matthews: What he’s learnt on his difficult journey into manhood

Episode 57: Mike Matthews

This week on the show, Mike joins me to talk about the lessons he learned throughout his journey into becoming the man he is today. Mike shares the relevance of his relationship with women into who he is and how his experiences shaped him into becoming a better man. I also share my thoughts on the recent suicide incidents.

Mike and I discuss:

  • How he identified himself in Liverpool and how he felt the sense of home and belongingness
  • How his experiences with the women in his family negatively affected his views and relationships with women as a young adult
  • Facing a situation where his own belief was challenged and he had to make a hard decision in order to be with someone
  • Experiencing and dealing with grief
  • Energies within man that is specific to the male lineage
  • What it means to be a man

More about Mike

Mike Matthews is the founder of The Inspiring Men Project, an organisation that helps good men live great lives. He focuses on helping men find more purpose, achieve more success, develop more meaningful relationships, and connect to a deeper expression of what it means to be man.

His work is inspired by his own difficult journey into manhood and beyond. He struggled for years as he strived to find more purpose and meaning in his life. It affected his relationships, he was unfulfilled in his work, and perpetually felt as if something was missing.

He eventually realised that whilst being taught many things growing up, he was never taught how to be a man. Along with two life-changing events that came within weeks of each other, this was the missing piece he’d been looking for.

With the help of this insight and many great men along the journey, he managed to find his way out. This led to him leaving a successful career in the English National Health Service to set up The Inspiring Men Project.

Mike is now a writer, coach, entrepreneur, and men’s work leader where he leads online programmes for groups of men to live more purposeful, embodied, and inspiring lives.

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