Personal Development 101!

Personal Development 101!

When we look at the world of self development, it can often be very overwhelming and intimidating. You look at all the different books in the Health and Inspiration section of the book store and think, there’s just so much there, where do I start or why even bother starting at all? The thing is, all of these books have something great to say, they just say it in different ways. You can generally start to find a common theme in all of them and some them will speak to you more than others. I guess the best way to start on a self development journey is to acknowledge that there is something inside of you that really wants more. Whether it’s developing a deeper connection with the people around you, maybe to stop being embarrassed about your body and lose some weight or bigger, more wholesale changes in your life like moving to a different city or changing careers. See, a lot of times we try to push these things down and pretend they’re not there. For many reasons. We may have a belief that we should just be happy with what we have. That it’s wrong to want more when so many people have so much less than us. We might have a belief that self development is a just a bunch of woo woo crap and that people should all just get on with it. While it is true, that we should appreciate what we have and that often we need to just get on with things, to deny the truth that is within us is ultimately not serving you or anybody else. When you are completely whole and self expressed, not only are you the best version of yourself, you are also free to be there for and inspire those around you.

So, where to start when you want to journey into a deeper exploration of your self? Well, I honestly believe our soul knows exactly what we want and that our job is simply to remember what it is. Sound crazy? A lot of these concepts will, the first time you here them. But I invite you to trust me and follow through with some of the lessons i’ve learnt and want to share with you. You need to find a way to listen to yourself. To find a way to switch off all of the constant dialogue in your head. You know, the dialogue that is constantly going on within you. Day to day stuff like what’s for dinner or what time was I meant to pick up the kids? To the bigger existential stuff like am I a good person? Why can I never stick to a diet? Why do I always say the wrong things? We need a way to turn that stuff off so we can really listen to our true self, as faint as that voice may be, to see what comes up. I firmly believe the best way to do so is through meditation. 

A lot of things come up for people when we talk about meditation. Maybe you’ve tried it before and just “didn’t get it” or maybe you just think the idea of sitting around doing nothing is stupid. But when we consistently take time to sit in silence, we allow our true selves to come through. It doesn’t necessarily come to us in a big neon flashing sign in the middle of the meditation saying “YOU SHOULD BE A NURSE”. It usually comes through in different ways. When we give our true selves permission to come through via meditation, the feelings inside us become louder. We start to feel when we’re not aligned with where we need to be. Then, maybe through a thought or a dream we start to get hints about what our true self really desires. They call it a meditation practice because it really does take practice to get the true benefits from it. A regular, committed practice.

This isn’t voodoo magic. It’s just that as a society we have become so consumed in thought and ego that we’ve forgotten to take time to silence our mind and listen to our true selves and discover our true essence. I have meditated every morning for the last three months and it has helped me to remember exactly who am I as a person, really feel what I have to offer to the world and allowed me to be completely calm when I leave the house every morning. Do yourself a favour and start your meditation practice today.

Action steps:
1. Acknowledge to yourself the places in your life where you actually want more.  

2. Do yourself a favour and commit to a regular meditation practice

3. Enjoy your new found peace and clarity!