Come home with me?

Come home with me?

I’m returning home to New Zealand next month. The end of a year long dream of travelling the world whilst running an impactful business.

And i’m scared. This year has been a dream of mine for at least 8 years, since I first read The Four Hour Work Week. And in a few weeks, it’ll be over.

Now what?

Travel the world again? There is endless adventures still to do.

Settle down and find a damn husband. (Um, there are endless adventures still to do 😜)

Spend the year focussed on growing my business? But is growth always the answer?

The truth is, I feel a bit, well, lost….

Fortunately, i’m well supported by a great coach and my incredible community. So, I know that being lost is one of the best places we can be.

But, boy is it uncomfortable!

And, also necessary for finding the truth.

I could just plow on as if I knew everything and I would continue to achieve great results with that. But it would be like driving a car aimlessly through the countryside. The scenery is cool but i’ll most likely end up somewhere I don’t want to be.

One thing I know will help me is spending time in nature, surrounded by amazing people.

Which is why my next adventure will be in Queenstown, New Zealand from January 25th – February 1st 2019.

This is quite a sacred adventure for me. I spend at least a week in Queenstown every January, letting the beauty of the surroundings motivate and inspire me for the new year.

Now, i’m inviting 4 people to join me in this sacred, 2019 visionary adventure.

This is for cool people who are up to cool things.

We will spend time in a beautiful home, challenging and supporting each other. Then we’ll make our way into the mountains for a challenging but spectacular trek through the most iconic New Zealand scenery.

I have no interest in New Year’s resolutions.

This is a chance to do a powerful review of 2018 and create the most powerful start to 2019 possible with one of the most spectacular backdrops in the world.

  • Have a once in a lifetime trip to New Zealand with someone that know’s the place inside out.
  • Spend time with powerful people who support and challenge you.
  • Have absolute clarity on who you want to be and what you want to achieve in 2019.

Welcome to my home, I hope you’ll join me.

Click here to contact me and let me know you’re interested in applying!

P.S Whenever you’re ready . . . here are 3 other ways I can help you create an extraordinary life:

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2. Come on an adventure
From sailing the Mediterranean to safariing through Africa, I love to take people on adventures! I believe that adventuring stimulates us in new ways, helps us grow and gives us more connection everyone. If you want to join my next entrepreneur adventure, reply with “Adventure!” in the subject line and i’ll send you the details.

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