Adventuring in Norway

Adventuring in Norway

Adventuring in Norway

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As soon as I walked into the house, I knew the week would be special. It was modern, warm and full of thoughtful touches. The nautical themed lamps above the dining table. The individual bath robes for the hot tub. The giant picture of Roald Amundsen on the wall with the quote “Adventure is just bad planning”.

Maybe Roald, but I have planned this adventure meticulously.

One by one, people start arriving from all over the world. All from different backgrounds and careers. Small business, huge corporation, Irish, Turkish, married, divorced. Some struggling to leave behind their daily lives as we set the rules for the week.

“I just need to finish some reports and then i’ll switch my laptop off”
“I definitely can’t turn my phone off completely. I need to phone my kids”
“How will I take photos without my phone?”
“Are you sure we can’t drink wine?”

The truth is, I felt like bad cop. Deep down I knew the power of switching off your devices, letting go of all the numbing of daily life: Alcohol, Netflix, phones. But, I also questioned myself. Maybe i’m being too harsh. Does it really have to be this strict? I chose to stick to my guns.

It didn’t take long before the power of this environment was revealed. As we gathered around the dinner table for the first of many meals together, Shelley and I began to share.

“Please remove your masks”.

You are thousands of miles from home. You don’t know anybody else here so, please, remove your masks. You know the ones, the mask of mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son. The mask of boss. They have no place here this week.

One by one, we each began to drop into the experience. Tears flowed and laughter followed. Some unrealised dreams were shared.

I shared that I wanted to connect more deeply with everyone during the week. Connection is risky for me. If I connect with too many people, I might end up disappointing them. Or, so my story goes. It’s easier to just make surface connections and carry on with my travels. Much less risky.

“I want a boyfriend. A family. This connecting challenge is in service of that”.

I felt embarrassed.

Day two and it’s time for adventures. But where is everyone? They’re all still sleeping. It turns out when you take your masks off and disconnect from the world, years of ignored fatigue have permission to take over. We let everyone sleep.

Guide Gunnar arrives at 7pm and it’s time to go northern light hunting! We drive for 90 minutes to the edge of the Finnish border. Who knew you could approach Finland from the north??

We sit patiently around a lake in the freezing cold. We are staunch initially but then give in and accept the polar survival suits that Gunnar had in the van. As we sit around the camp fire drinking home made vegetable soup, the dance of the lights begins. Not as bright as we would’ve hoped but impressive none the less. Slow exposure photography reveals the magical artwork that the naked eye cannot capture. Bucket list item, checked.

A few days later and it’s time for another speciality of the arctic circle. Huskies! If you’ve never been surrounded by 24 huskies barking at the top of their voice, let me enlighten you. It’s terrifying. We divide into pairs and are each allocated a husky team of 8 dogs. We go down the line and connect with our dogs one by one. I’ve never felt such an instant connection to a group of animals before.

As soon as we take off, the dogs fall silent. They’re in their element. We’re now being pulled by eight dogs through the most stunning scenery of far north Norway. I can’t get the smile off my face.

Throughout the week, the adventures are interspersed with deep conversations in the hot tub, long walks through the mountains and hilarious interactions with northern locals. Oh and more tears.

These adventures aren’t meant to instantly fix your life. They’re designed to take you out of your day to day life. To strip away all the “things” that you think you are. Your job, your house, your stuff, your social media persona.

These weeks reveal our naked selves once more. That can be exciting, sad, confronting, scary, delightful and rejuvenating, often all in the same day. It gives you a glimpse into what’s possible when you’re in an environment of support and where you don’t have to pretend to be someone else.

After the adventure is over, it’s up to you whether you choose to return to normal life, or use it as a catalyst to something more.

(Hint: Everyone chooses something more)

If you’re interested in joining us on an adventure, our new trip is in New Zealand on January 25th, 2019. DM me for more details.

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