Re Perez: Branding for the people

Re Perez: Branding for the people



Episode 80: Re Perez

This week on the show, Re Perez joins me to discuss his journey into entrepreneurship, what branding is, its importance and relevance.

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Re and I discuss:

  • The impact of James into Re’s life
  • The rundown of his journey into entrepreneurship
  • Getting through the initial fear of starting his own company – Branding for the People
  • How a bad breakup pushed him to move forward
  • Getting off track from the original vision and restoring integrity
  • Living an authentic life
  • His definition of branding
  • Difference between being loved vs being respected
  • A chart that he modified on conflicting values and shared values, low and high impact
  • His process on working with someone
  • Helping people from “I want to make an impact” to “What impact do you want to make” or “What impact do you make”

More about Re Perez

Re Perez is a seasoned Brand Strategist, Thought Leader, and CEO of BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, a leading branding agency that transforms and mobilizes brands for high-growth entrepreneurs who are committed to making a positive economic or social impact on people’s lives. Since 2011, his agency has successfully led hundreds of branding engagements around the globe that have impacted millions of people.


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