Ruby Fremon: The No-Bullshit Path to Finding your Voice

Ruby Fremon: The No-Bullshit Path to Finding your Voice


Episode 89: Ruby Fremon

This week on the show, Ruby Fremon joins me to talk about conscious versus unconscious leadership, leadership as an inner-game, and visibility versus being seen.

I also shared my experiences during our Machu Picchu, Peru adventure. The highlights of this adventure are always being away from technology, getting out of your normal life, and just being with people in a beautiful location enjoying nature and spending time with each other.

Ruby and I discuss:

  • Ruby’s no bullshit approach of just cutting right to the chase and diving into what the actual issue is
  • How this approach helped her transformation
  • Distraction of clarity is one of the common issues as people tend to sway away from the root problem
  • Being more devoted to your inner work than to your service because the more we can serve ourselves, the greater we can serve others
  • Seeing leaders plateauing and how they start to feel stagnant and how she is there to support these conscious leaders
  • The higher you rise in your leadership, the louder your fears become and new limitations, edges, and patterns start to come out
  • You need to confront your limitations, edges, patterns in order for you to continue rising
  • Being vulnerable/being real creates the connection
  • What separates conscious leaders from the rest
  • Everything we experienced helps to refine us and bring us closer to who we are and to our truth
  • Her journey to finding her own voice and sharing her story
  • Having the courage to show who you really are
  • It’s not about trying to create your voice but it’s actually uncovering your voice
  • The more focused Ruby was on her work, the better her relationship with her family has gotten
  • Focus on controlling what’s controllable
  • To create healthy boundaries, you need to get clear with your needs and create the boundary around that need
  • Your greatest contribution to humanity is working on yourself
  • Expressing yourself in alignment with who you are
  • On creating her own business
  • Conscious leaders understand that connection and collaboration are what’s going to break down division and competition

More about Ruby

Ruby Fremon is an activation expert, coach and a mentor for purpose-driven leaders.

Ruby’s mission is to give the world a voice. As a Top Breakthrough Coach and Activation Expert for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to bring their big missions into the spotlight, her no-bullshit approach ignites true transformation, while flipping fear into actualised ambition and doubt into absolute confidence.

Ruby works with leaders, from artists to entrepreneurs, who are ready to activate their voice, unleash their missions, and gain the conviction to lead their purpose. Having worked with hundreds of clients, she is a catalyst for change and hugely successful at helping her clients embody radical resiliency and an unstoppable mentality.

Named “An Inspirational Woman” by The Huffington Post and an “Icon of Influence” at the 2018 New Media Summit, Ruby was the visionary behind the annual three-day transformative leadership event, Amplified Soul Live®. She is the host of “Today’s Thought Leader” podcast and uses her bold, no-nonsense approach to help leaders rise up, fulfill their missions and make their voices heard.

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