Sam Ovens: A Step by Step Guide to Building a Multimillion Dollar Empire

Sam Ovens: A Step by Step Guide to Building a Multimillion Dollar Empire

Episode 23: Sam Ovens

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What is the raw, no bullshit truth about building a multi million dollar business empire?

Sam Ovens is one of the most qualified people to answer that question. In this interview he gives me unprecedented access into his life and the key insights that helped him create a multi-millon dollar consulting empire before he’s even turned 30.

An introvert that grew up in New Zealand, Sam didn’t particularly excel in anything like academics or sports. That all changed after a chance encounter with a wealthy entrepreneur at age 22. He discovered business and found his calling.

Over the next 5 years, Sam systematically set about learning everything about sales, marketing and most importantly, all the personal skills he needed to become radically successful as an Entrepreneur.

He is the CEO and founder of, an E-Learning platform that helps everyday people start and grow wildly profitable consulting businesses. Sam is now the leading expert when it comes to starting and growing consulting businesses and he turned many of the industries unknown gray areas into predictable exact science.’s training programs are the leading programs in the consulting industry and have created more successful case studies than anything else the industry has ever seen.

Since 2012, Sam has:

  • Started completely broke in his parents garage in New Zealand, moved to Manhattan and made over $20,000,000
  • Created 21 Millionaire Consultants from his trainings
  • Created 451 6-Figure Consultants from his trainings
  • Helped thousands of people all over the world quit their 9-5 jobs, start consulting businesses and live lives of freedom

Sam has total conviction that the traditional advice and common sense in this world is dead wrong and if you follow it you will end up living a life just like everybody else. Sam’s contrarian philosophy, methods and views are savagely effective.

He truly believes that anybody can start their own consulting business and live a life much more meaningful with significantly improved income and freedom.

  • Nathan Seaward
    Posted at 10:42h, 17 May

    Do you agree with Sam’s opinions about success?

  • Nathan Seaward
    Posted at 11:15h, 17 May

    Do you agree with Sam’s insights on success, wealth and New Zealand?