Steve Roehm: Insights From A Conversational Hypnotherapist

Steve Roehm

Steve Roehm: Insights From A Conversational Hypnotherapist

Episode 32: Steve Roehm

For almost two decades, Steve Roehm has a burning desire to understand how people create instant and lifelong change in their own lives as well as in the lives of others. His studies have taken him around the globe to places where he had the honour of training under some of the greatest minds of our time. His most influential teachers include Igor Ledochowski and John Overdurf, who are both personal mentors to Steve. These teachers and others have helped him become one of the best transformational coaches and “change artists” on the planet.

Steve developed and honed his conversational hypnosis skills quickly by helping thousands of people create instant change in their lives. Early on, he chose to help people stop smoking because the results were instant, important and blew people’s minds. People were changing before his eyes, and the feeling of showing someone that they are better than they thought they were was all the fuel Steve needed to drive his business to higher and higher levels of success. Today, he helps people change in many other ways too.

He was handpicked by Igor Ledochowski to teach conversational hypnosis certification seminars around the world, training a new generation of hypnotherapists how to be a “force for good” and expanding his reach and influence across the planet.

Steve enjoys coaching people to achieve higher and higher levels of success in their personal life and business. He lives and works to blow your mind by showing you that Beyond what you think is possible, there’s always so much more you’ve yet to discover.

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