Taylor Conroy: The meditating surfer who’s obsessed with building businesses that make change

Taylor Conroy: The meditating surfer who’s obsessed with building businesses that make change



Episode 77: Taylor Conroy

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This week on the show, Taylor Conroy joined me to talk about how he got into philanthropy, the challenges he faced in finding genuine happiness and the significance of having an impulse to do something.

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Taylor and I discuss:

  • Not fitting in with the manly man culture while growing up
  • Getting closer to what is fully him and genuine happiness, and shedding all layers of society’s expectations
  • One reason why he got into the social good realm is because he is a people-pleaser
  • Realizing that money does not equate to happiness
  • Having the impulse to start getting involved into philanthropy, and to travel and see the world
  • The reason why he think people get stuck because we are so disconnected from the intuitive powers of our body
  • We all have this impulse that is showing us of what to do
  • The most spiritual thing you can do is to embrace your desires, your impulses fully.
  • Saying yes and diving into it if being in a deep Psychedelic experience
  • On how he shows up in a relationship
  • Being uncomfortable and being stable
  • Coming back from bankruptcy

More about Taylor

Taylor is a former firefighter, real estate millionaire, and body-builder. He is renowned social entrepreneur, human rights activist, and acclaimed speaker. Taylors inspiring style of story telling and rebellious thinking have engaged over 150,000 people around the world. His social good companies have inspired over one million people in 80 countries to fundraise for social change, building 500 schools and 150 homes in the developing world. Taylor is the founder and CEO of The Idea Collective, which helps change makers create impact through their own public speaking. The Idea Collective helps to land speaking engagements on the worlds most impactful stages, including TEDx talks, university events, and Fortune 500 companies.


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