Teo Alfero: What Wolves Can Teach Us About Being Human

Teo Alfero: What Wolves Can Teach Us About Being Human



Episode 84: Teo Alfero

This week on the show, Teo Alfero joins me as we talk about his unique understanding of wolves to create human-wolf connection, his new book, The Wolf Connection: What Wolves Can Teach Us about Being Human, and wolf principles.

Teo and I discuss:

  • Teo’s feelings about completing his book
  • Growing up during tough times (when Argentina was in a military dictatorship)
  • How losing everything and ending up in the street changed his relationship with money and success
  • On joining the army after high school and how it toughened him
  • The consequence of his search for a spiritual path since his teen years
  • How Carlos Castaneda’s writing impacted Teo
  • The life experiences that led him to his spiritual quest
  • On finding Carlos Castaneda and how he connected with the people that worked and studied with him
  • Carlos Castaneda’s teachings on getting to know one’s self
  • Recapitulation means looking at every single person you’ve ever met in your life and describing the stories of each interaction in a meditation state
  • What his experience was like when he moved from his home country to LA and how he evolved as a person
  • The wolves came as a consequences of one of Carlos Castaneda’s talks about “finding one’s path using the heart”
  • How he ended up adopting a wolfdog mix while he was looking for something to engage the youth
  • His experience and struggles while starting the wolf sanctuary
  • How he struggled with asking for donations and funding
  • Wolves have extremely varied and rich personalities, tendencies, and behaviours
  • Fear of wolves is a cultural fear and not based on reality
  • Science suggests that wolves are the first animal humans associated with
  • On developing connection and trust with wolves and how it changes one’s behaviour
  • How it feels making a difference in many people’s lives
  • How Miko transformed Nina’s life for good
  • The book suggests wolves helped humans survive and thrive and can help humans again

More about Teo Alfero

Teo Alfero is the founder of the Wolf Connection sanctuary and creator of Wolf Therapy®, a singular program that empowers individuals dealing with psychological and emotional pain, addiction, and trauma using the human-wolf bond.

Teo is also a transformational teacher and shamanic practitioner whose work is strongly influenced by Carlos Castaneda. He is a TEDx speaker and a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders. He has been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, and other major media. Born in Argentina, he now lives with his wife and daughter and the Wolf Connection pack in California.


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