The truth about Domestic Violence in New Zealand

The truth about Domestic Violence in New Zealand

I want to talk to you about something very close to my heart and also make a special announcement. I’ve never been afraid of confronting the difficult topics in my home country of New Zealand and one thing that really bothers me is the alarming rate of domestic violence. That is violence against partners and children in their homes where they should feel safe. New Zealand is a beautiful, fun country but our domestic violence statistics are enough to make anyone feel sick. Check out our current record:

A child is killed by a family member every 5.5 weeks
The police receive a domestic violence call out ever 5 minutes
1/3 of New Zealand women experience physical or sexual abuse by an intimate pattern in their lifetime.
Domestic abuse is an epidemic in New Zealand but is still largely hidden.

Fortunately for New Zealand, we have an amazing organisation called Shine that is tackling domestic violence head on. I have been lucky enough to spend time with the Shine team at their head office and they do an amazing job of raising awareness about domestic violence in New Zealand. Shine actually makes a difference. They have a helpline that adults and children can phone anytime they feel in danger. They provide safe houses for people that have escaped a violent situation and have no place to live. They even have courses specifically for men that have been violent towards their families to help them understand and overcome their issues. There is proof that violence gets passed down from generation to generation so if we can interrupt that pattern now and stop it being passed down, eventually we can stop domestic violence all together. That’s why I love Shine so much because they tackle domestic violence from all angles. They are New Zealand’s largest domestic abuse charity but they still don’t have enough resources to handle the thousands of referrals they get every week.

So, an announcement. As a birthday present to me, I’m asking you to donate money to Shine between now and Orange Friday on March 11th. But, I want to give you an incentive to make your sure decision is easy. For every dollar you donate, I will personally match your donation dollar for dollar. So, if you donate $100, I’ll make your donation $200! If you donate $20, I’ll round it up to $40! All donations in New Zealand are tax deductible, so if you donate $100, it will only cost you $66 and will ensure $200 goes straight to Shine to help end domestic violence in New Zealand! What a deal!

So, what are you waiting for!?

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If you or a family member are victims of domestic violence in New Zealand, you can phone Shine on 0508 744 633

Alternatively you can:

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