Tristan De Montebello & Michael Gendler: Speak Before You Think

Tristan De Montebello & Michael Gendler: Speak Before You Think


Episode 97: Tristan & Michael

This week on the show, Tristan and Michael join me to talk about why we all have imposter syndrome and how to overcome it, the fundamental rules you must understand to becoming a master communicator, and how Tristan and Michael have successfully navigated their relationship as co-founders.

Tristan & Michael and I discuss:

  • How Tristan developed the feeling of having an imposter syndrome as he went through every step of the competition
  • Powering through and working even harder despite feeling uncomfortable
  • How Michael got into the public speaking world and experienced the imposter syndrome
  • You can really tell a person by how they express themselves
  • Toastmasters taught 2 main skills:
    • Prepared speaking
    • Impromptu speaking
  • Studying the skill of speaking on the spot transformed Michael’s life
  • How the world values communicators
  • When you become more confident with your communication, you start feeling more confident about every aspect of yourself
  • Presence versus performance
  • Building the habit of trusting yourself more
  • Having the mindset of trusting yourself and everything will go well is the mindset of all the top performers in the skill of speaking
  • Surrendering and trusting that things are going to work out
  • On navigating their business and figuring out how they can have an impact
  • Helping people have a bigger impact with their speaking
  • Pros and cons of their relationship as co-founders
    • The ability to receive feedback
  • Building the habit of sharing negative withholds
  • Who they are looking for and how their process works

More about Tristan & Michael

Tristan de Montebello and Michael Gendler are 2 of LA’s leading public speaking coaches who specialize in helping people communicate in high-stress environments. (

Their unlikely story started when Michael coached Tristan from zero public speaking experience to the World Championship of Public Speaking finals in just 7 months.

Since then, Michael and Tristan have coached some of the worlds top creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs to speak more effectively in the moments that matter most.

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