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Case Studies From High Achievers Who Found Their Path

“I struggle to put into words the impact that Nathan has had in my life. Nathan is THE MOST gifted coach I’ve ever worked with. This gift he has cannot be taught, it is who he is at the core of his being. He is pure magic is fearless in his coaching, isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions, knows when to push, and has an intuition that again… can not be taught. My life has become so expansive and extraordinary in the last year and a half of working with and spending time with this remarkable human being. I am thinking bigger for myself than I ever have, I have become more fearless in my own authenticity, and have even cried a few times! This is huge! My mind and soul have been blown wide open and I am more confident, courageous, curious, and excited about my life than ever before. Plus Nathan is very funny and helps you to find humor in your own bullshit! I absolutely adore this man and cannot imagine my life without him!”

– Holly Couch, Entrepreneur

“I didn’t know what to expect when I started working with Nathan. I imagined a world class coach would have a measurable impact on me, but I never could have imagined just how powerful my year with Nathan would be. My biggest surprise was discovering how much was happening internally that was holding me back that I wasn’t even aware of. After Nathan helped clarify my vision, he was able to shine a light on the underlying catalysts for some of my behaviors. It’s been hugely powerful to SEE for the first time. The new awareness has led me into an empowering path of internal and external growth that wouldn’t have happened without him. I’ve already recommended Nathan many times and I’ll continue to do so to anyone who performs at a high level and wants to truly step into their extraordinary life. A game-changing experience.”

– Tristan De Montebello, Founder Ultra Speaking

“I have worked with Nathan for a year and my life has changed in such a profound way, it’s actually beyond words. I’ll have a go anyway: Imagine an insecure, withdrawn girl. Even though functioning on the surface, she carries this hidden social anxiety and a deep conviction of “somehow being stigmatized”  with her. She somehow senses she’s got a huge lot of potential, but she doesn’t find a way to access it. Even though her life seems nice and smooth at first glance, she’s stressed out most of the time, unhappy, and so very stuck!! All she’s got is this huge drive and desire to make a vague dream come true. This is how she gets to know and starts to work with Nathan. You might not fully recognize her when you meet her a year later. She’s grown into a powerful woman. She creates the life she wants to live on a daily basis. She lives her potential. She dares to be uncomfortable, vulnerable and showing up because she knows deep inside that she’s okay. She knows she’s brilliant and she makes use of it, not shying away from outshining others any longer. She’s courageous enough to slow down and see what comes up. Spontaneity and surrender have become her friends. She has grown to love herself, which doesn’t only mean she dares to fuck up and be very human, but she also has something invaluable to pass on to other human beings. Thank you, Nathan.”

– Anna Huwiler, Entrepreneur

“I worked with Nathan last year as I faced one of the biggest transitions in my life; from being the COO of a software company to becoming a full-time mum of two babies and, at the same time, launching my writing career. It was one of the most challenging times of my life, and Nathan’s coaching was fundamental to my keeping sight of who I truly am (and especially keeping my sanity in the process). Nathan’s coaching is powerful; he asks the kind of questions that unveil what’s in the way and his deep listening creates the space for our innate wisdom to arise and create what’s next. Thank you, Nathan!”

– Sofia Silva Eastmond, Founder and Writer at Goddesses of The World

“Nathan helped me get back in touch with the “me” I liked. He created an environment that I could open up in and then asked good questions that challenged long-held views of myself. I gained insight that years of thinking on my own had not yielded. I can cheesily but honestly say I have never met a man quite like him.”

– Anon

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