Zion Kim: The key mindset shifts every entrepreneur must make

Zion Kim: The key mindset shifts every entrepreneur must make



Episode 86: Zion Kim

This week on the show, Zion Kim joins me to talk about getting into entrepreneurship, overcoming burn out, sharpening your skills, growing your business, and people’s relationship to their work.

I also shared how I’ve been spending my week and how I’m having more time reflecting and being in creative mode. It has been super exciting coming up with tons of business ideas. I have realised that I am best utilised when I am being creative and visionary.

Zion and I discuss:

  • The biggest reason why Zion and his fiancé moved to Austin
  • How his housemate who went to a military academy inspired him to want to do something big
  • Their house being raided by the police and how he ended in the jail
  • His realisation while being in jail and how he started his first business after he got out
  • Appreciating how one properly runs a business and developing a lot of compassion for other entrepreneurs
  • Having a hard time asking for help because of the little knowledge he has
  • Started learning social media and how it helped the business to survive
  • Growing his business and network and understanding what mentorship really meant
  • Having a lot of failed companies and how he completely burnt himself out
  • Feeling depressed and losing his confidence as an entrepreneur
  • Started a digital agency just to keep on getting better at the skill and competency of digital marketing
  • Sharpening his skills by working with various million dollar companies
  • Taking care of yourself first so that you can then think about taking care of others
  • Completely removing “sacrifice” from the vocabulary and the core values in his company because the moment one is sacrificing, it means someone has to lose
  • Importance of entrepreneurs doing what they care for
  • A better you is a better world
  • Letting purpose find you through action
  • Most business problems are personal problems
  • Victim versus responsibility
  • The difficult part of the process is finding out how much you are willing to step up to the things you don’t want to see
  • 3 biggest mindsets for people transitioning into entrepreneurship
  • One reason companies don’t grow is that they are not super clear on who it is they want to serve, the problem they want to help them with, and the outcome or solution that’s tied to that problem
  • Launch the product and serve the people really well
  • If you want feedback, ask for money. If you want money, ask for feedback
  • 2 foundational reasons of “imposter syndrome”
  • The best entrepreneurs are the ones who find the opportunity and then find the right people to solve that problem
  • Misalignment of our own personal values causes depression

More about Zion

Zion is the CEO of 1MT and the co-creator of the R.O.I. Method and the founder of Project Nuclear. He was kicked out of business school his freshman year and has since started six, 6 and 7 figure companies, two of them while still an undergrad. His company 1MT is currently on a mission to support 1 million entrepreneurs to 7 figures and beyond to add a trillion dollars to the global economy.

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